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Meehanite Technology Oy Ltd

Meehanite Technology is a franchising company in consulting of metal castings technology and environmental engineering. Meehanite Technology is the coordinator of the project and will also play an important role in technical implementation of the project as well as designing, constructing and carrying out biofilter tests during the project.

Meehanite Technology has experienced personnel for this particular field of research and emission and effluent abatement technology and the persons were also involved in the Control of VOC Emissions from Mechanical Pulping beyond BAT called VOCless Pulping -project (LIFE 06/ENVFIN/000201) in 2006-2009.


AX-LVI Consulting Ltd

The Environmental Unit of AX Consulting is specialized in air pollution control design, measurement services (industrial processes, industrial hygiene, boiler, noise and HPAC), energy analyses, safety studies, risk analyses and life cycle assessment. In VOC consulting, AX Consulting takes full responsibility for correct design values, which are based on own VOC measurements. In Finland, AX Consulting is having the largest experience in this area, in reduction projects dealing with emission measurements, emission surveys, proves and mass balance calculations, optimisation of emission processes, feasibility studies of reduction possibilities. The company has been consulting authorities in their strategic planning and negotiations and giving expert work advice in cleaning plant investment projects including expert work in supplier selection. AX Consulting is unbiased and independent of cleaning technology suppliers. AX Consulting is a partner in the project and is responsible for carrying out measurements of VOC in aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment plants and cleaning efficiency measurements of tested pilot plants. AX Consulting participated also in the first Life VOCless Pulping -project in 2006-2009 (LIFE06 ENV/FIN/000201).

Desinfinator Oy Ltd

Desinfinator is a young, innovative company working on the field of air purification and odour control. They have combined technology of hygienic UV-light and ozone formation into the same system where negative ions and OH-radicals degradate organic hydrocarbon molecules (like VOC) with high efficiency. In the process they benefit from fotocatalytic coating and reflecting honey comb structures. Since the system has low pressure drop being exceptional low energy consumption in air pollution control.

Desinfinator will develop and provide pilot installation for the project in both pulp mills with aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment systems. Desinfinator will assess the feasibility of their UV-filtration solution for cleaning of the VOC containing waste gases from waste water treatment plants during the project.

Formia Emissions Control Oy

Formia Emissions Control Oy is a fully owned subsidiary of Formia Technology Group Oy. Formia Emissions Control Oy develops, markets and sells emission treatment solutions for VOC emissions, industrial odours, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide emissions. Formia Smart VOC incinerator family has low usage and maintenance cost, requires little space and is easy to assemble thus being a very cost-effective solution for eliminating these emissions.

Formia Emissions Control will develop and construct a catalyst incinerator pilot plant to be tested both in aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment plants. Formia Emissions Control will assess the feasibility of the catalytic incineration system for cleaning of the waste gases from waste water treatment plants during the project.

Stora Enso Publication Papers Oy Ltd, Anjala mill

The Anjalankoski Mill of Stora Enso consists of two major plants, Anjala Paper Mill and Ingerois Board Mill. The world’s largest pressure groundwood mill produces high-quality mechanical pulp. Anjala Paper Mill is one of the world’s largest producers of book paper made form mechanical pulp and specializes in white printing paper. The products of Ingerois Board Mill offer excellent printing properties, high bulk, and stiffness for consistent and cost-efficient packing solutions. VOC emission measurements and abatement system pilot tests will be carried out at aerobic waste water treatment plant in Anjalakoski Mill, Finland and anaerobic plant in Maxau, Germany. Stora Enso participated also in the first Life VOCless Pulping -project in 2006-2009 (LIFE06 ENV/FIN/000201).

University of Perugia

DIIN Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale - Univeristá di Perugia is a Research Department of the University of Perugia. The department has experience in the field of industrial plants and energy systems aimed at monitoring, controlling and optimising environmental and technical performance. It carries out research and advising activities to the enterprises at local and national level. Since 1999 the department added also the paper industrial sector to its areas of competence. In particular, department’s expertise lies in advanced system for monitoring paper quality and environmental emissions. Its projects, in collaboration with an Italian cardboard paper industry, about monitoring environmental emissions and quality in paper production, have been also supported by the Italian government. UNIPG is responsible for technical consultation in the project and producing technical publications and dissemination materials. UNIPG also participated in the first Life VOCless Pulping -project.